San Diego - California

10 Best Chinese Restaurants in San Diego – California | United States

  1. Golden City Restaurant
    Located in the heart of San Diego’s Chinatown, Golden City Restaurant is known for its delicious Cantonese-style dishes and bustling atmosphere. Don’t miss their signature dim sum offerings!
  2. China Max Seafood Restaurant
    Specializing in fresh seafood dishes, China Max Seafood Restaurant offers a wide variety of Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. Be sure to try their famous lobster noodles!
  3. Sab-E-Lee
    Craving authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine? Look no further than Sab-E-Lee. This hidden gem offers mouth-watering dishes like pad thai and green curry that will satisfy your taste buds.
  4. Village 168 Chinese Cuisine
    Village 168 Chinese Cuisine is perfect for those looking for traditional Chinese comfort food. Their hearty portions and cozy atmosphere make it a go-to spot for locals.
  5. Spicy City
    For those who love a kick of spice in their food, Spicy City is the place to be. Known for their flavorful Szechuan dishes, this restaurant is a favorite among spice lovers.
  6. Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant
    Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant is renowned for its succulent barbecue dishes and savory roasted meats. Whether you’re craving char siu or roast duck, this place has got you covered.
  7. Golden House Chinese Fast Food
    Looking for a quick and satisfying meal on the go? Golden House Chinese Fast Food offers a variety of tasty dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied without breaking the bank.
  8. Canton Cafe
    Canton Cafe is a classic neighborhood favorite, known for its delicious Cantonese-style cuisine and friendly service. Make sure to try their crispy spring rolls and savory chow mein.
  9. Chin’s Gourmet
    Chin’s Gourmet is a popular choice for those seeking upscale Chinese dining. Their elegant decor and innovative menu make it a great spot for special occasions and celebrations.
  10. Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
    For a taste of old-school Chinese fare, head to Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant. This cozy spot serves up traditional dishes like sweet and sour chicken and Mongolian beef with a smile.

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