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10 Best Halal Food Restaurants in San Diego – California | United States

10 Best Halal Food Restaurants in San Diego – California | United States

  1. The Kebab Shop

    Known for their delicious kebabs, wraps, and falafels, The Kebab Shop is a popular spot for halal food in San Diego. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff make it a great place for a quick and tasty meal.

  2. Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen

    Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen offers a wide range of Mediterranean dishes made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Their hummus, shawarma, and kabobs are highly recommended by customers.

  3. Harar Restaurant

    Harar Restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian cuisine, including flavorful stews, injera bread, and coffee. The cozy setting and traditional dishes make it a unique dining experience in San Diego.

  4. Meze Greek Fusion

    Meze Greek Fusion offers a modern twist on traditional Greek dishes, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Their gyro platters, moussaka, and baklava are must-try items on the menu.

  5. Miramar Fish Tacos & Beer

    If you’re in the mood for fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine, Miramar Fish Tacos & Beer is the place to go. Their fish tacos, ceviche, and margaritas are perfect for a casual meal with friends.

  6. Spice & Soul Kitchen

    Spice & Soul Kitchen offers a fusion of Caribbean and Southern comfort food, all made with halal ingredients. Their jerk chicken, oxtail stew, and plantains are bursting with flavor and spices.

  7. Luna Grill

    Luna Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, with healthy and halal options. Their grilled meats, salads, and rice bowls are popular choices among diners.

  8. The Halal Guys

    The Halal Guys is a well-known franchise that serves halal street food, including gyros, falafel, and rice platters. Their signature white sauce and hot sauce have a cult following among fans.

  9. Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant

    Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with traditional dishes from Russia and Georgia. Their borscht, khachapuri, and beef stroganoff are flavorful and satisfying.

  10. Pho Fanatic

    Pho Fanatic is a popular Vietnamese restaurant that offers halal-certified pho, banh mi sandwiches, and spring rolls. Their fragrant broth and tender meats make it a go-to spot for authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

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