Houston - Texas

10 Best Coffee Shops in Houston – Texas | United States

  1. Blacksmith: A trendy coffee shop known for their expertly brewed coffee and cozy atmosphere.
  2. Revival Market: This charming café offers a variety of coffee drinks and delicious pastries made in-house.
  3. Boomtown Coffee: Located in the heart of Houston, Boomtown Coffee is a popular spot for coffee enthusiasts.
  4. Southside Espresso: Known for their specialty coffee and unique drinks, Southside Espresso is a must-visit for coffee lovers.
  5. Antidote Coffee: A hip coffee shop in the Houston Heights neighborhood, Antidote Coffee serves up excellent coffee and a laid-back atmosphere.
  6. Agora: This quirky coffee shop offers a wide variety of coffee drinks and a cozy atmosphere perfect for studying or relaxing.
  7. Black Pearl Coffee: A hidden gem in Houston, Black Pearl Coffee is known for their artisanal coffee and friendly staff.
  8. Throughgood Coffee: A popular coffee shop in the East End neighborhood, Throughgood Coffee is known for their delicious coffee and welcoming vibe.
  9. Paper Co. Coffee: This community-focused coffee shop offers great drinks and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for hanging out with friends.
  10. Common Bond Cafe & Bakery: Not just a coffee shop, Common Bond Cafe & Bakery also serves up delicious pastries and brunch options.

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