Chicago - Illinois

10 Best Breakfast Places in Chicago – Illinois | United States

  1. Ann Sather: Known for its Swedish pancakes and cinnamon rolls, Ann Sather is a popular breakfast spot in Chicago.
  2. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe: Wildberry is famous for its oversized pancakes and creative breakfast dishes.
  3. Yolk: With multiple locations in Chicago, Yolk is a go-to spot for delicious breakfast options like omelets and french toast.
  4. Mainly Lobster: If you’re in the mood for something different for breakfast, Mainly Lobster offers unique lobster dishes that are sure to satisfy.
  5. Orange: Known for its creative breakfast cocktails and unique dishes, Orange is a must-visit breakfast spot in Chicago.
  6. Longman & Eagle: This Michelin-starred restaurant serves up delicious breakfast options like eggs benedict and duck hash.
  7. The Bongo Room: The Bongo Room is a popular brunch spot in Chicago, known for its creative dishes and extensive menu.
  8. Beatrix: Beatrix offers a healthy twist on breakfast with options like quinoa cakes and green juice.
  9. Café Robey: Located in the Wicker Park neighborhood, Café Robey offers a chic breakfast experience with options like avocado toast and breakfast burritos.
  10. Little Goat Diner: From the mind of celebrity chef Stephanie Izard, Little Goat Diner serves up comfort food breakfast dishes with a twist.

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