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10 Best Halal Food Restaurants in Chicago – Illinois | United States

10 Best Halal Food Restaurants in Chicago – Illinois | United States


  • Zabiha Grill – Zabiha Grill is a popular halal restaurant in Chicago known for its delicious kabobs and rice dishes.


  • Ghareeb Nawaz – Ghareeb Nawaz serves up authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine in a casual setting.


  • Sultan’s Market – Sultan’s Market offers a wide range of Middle Eastern dishes, including falafel, shawarma, and hummus.


  • Shawarma Inn – Shawarma Inn is a go-to spot for tasty shawarma wraps and platters in Chicago.


  • Saffron – Saffron is a popular Indian restaurant in the city, known for its flavorful tandoori dishes and biryanis.


  • Al Bawadi Grill – Al Bawadi Grill is a favorite for Lebanese cuisine, offering a variety of kebabs, dips, and salads.


  • Kabul House – Kabul House is a family-owned Afghan restaurant that serves up traditional dishes like mantu and kebabs.


  • Taza Grill – Taza Grill is a cozy Mediterranean restaurant that offers a mix of dishes from various Middle Eastern cuisines.


  • Usmania Grill – Usmania Grill is a popular spot for halal Pakistani and Indian food, with a menu that includes biryanis, curries, and grilled meats.


  • Garifuna Flava – Garifuna Flava is a unique restaurant that specializes in Caribbean and Central American cuisine, offering dishes like jerk chicken and plantains.
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